Content Curation

‘Pre-assignment Tasks’ from previous opportunities venturing into social media cotent. The media presented does not represent offical content of its organisation 


Mute Records; British independent record label owned and founded in 1978 by Daniel Miller.

Create at least one still and one moving image to be used for social media. Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Spotify Canvas.


Hubbub; Environmental friendly brand, designing effective campaigns. 

Create an Instagram and Twitter post, that explains the issue of littering to their audience. 
Second, curate a campaign that encourgaes UK pub-goers to not litter after lockdown. 


The Truman Brewery; The Truman Brewery, East London's revolutionary arts and media quarter.

Create an Instagram and Facebook post, including captions, for Bobox'mas, an upcoming event at Ninety One Living Room.